the fam


My bro.  He features here a lot because I like to write about my childhood.  Since he’s younger, I used to be able to get him to do lots of stuff.  Now he just does whatever he wants.  So much for adulthood.

My father

Pops.  He frequently pops up in the comment section to throw in his two cents on whatever story I’ve written.  He was real happy about my girl on girl post, let me tell you.

My mother

My mother.  Ever since this post she’s been real excited every time I write about her.  There’s some real gems in our past, but whenever I mention them she busts out her medusa-esque guilt eyes.  I wonder if every mother just instinctively knows how to do that?


My cousin.  She first featured here.  The gigantic eyes and love for Goldfish crackers keep her a popular hit amongst the budding daters of southern California.  She’s prone to publicly declaring fluency in various languages.  As far as I can tell, she speaks English only.  More on that later.


Indy.  Indiana when in trouble.  She’s snoring in this pic because that’s pretty much all she does.  Also, when she sleeps her back legs go out like a baking turkey, in case you’re wondering why I drew her like that.  She’s chubby.  She snores.  She’s basically awesome packaged into one French Bulldog.


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